Basic quilting prices are based on type of pattern selected and size of quilt.

Time to put more enjoyment in quilting! My new lower and simpler pricing will encourage you to explore more with fabric and design, knowing it won't break the bank to get the finished product quilted.

This chart is for "edge to edge" overall designs.

If your top measures more than the maximum, in either the length or width in a bracket, the price will go to the next higher bracket.

If your top measures more than the maximum amount on the chart, in either the length or width, the price for the quilting will be .02 per square inch.

If you want any design other than edge to edge, the price is .02 to .025 cents per square inch, depending on design. These prices include tax.

Up to 3 feet wide and up to 4 feet long (36 x 48 max.) $45
This price includes all Coastal Quilter's Community Quilts.

3 to 4 feet wide and up to 5 feet long (48 x 60 max.) $55

4 to 5 feet wide and up to 6 feet long (60 x 72 max.) $70

5 to 6 feet wide and up to 7 feet long (72 x 84 max.) $90

6 to 7 feet wide and up to 8 feet long (84 x 96 max.) $100

This special pricing is perfect for the majority of quilts.

Remember that your backing must be at least 4" wider and 6" longer than your top. You supply batting. I do have 80/20 available for sale.

Binding applied to the front of the quilt only, you finish -$0.10 per linear inch.

Binding applied, turned and finished with machine stitching -$0.15 per linear inch.

Curved edges - add $20.00

Hanging sleeve - add $10.00

If you are shipping your quilt to me, 

A 50% deposit is requested prior to quilting. 
Please click for order form-to be filled out, printed,
and shipped with quilt.
Please put your quilt in a plastic bag.
On the outside of the carton describe it only as “fabric”, not “quilt”.
Add $10 for return shipping.

Payments may be made through

Quilt Preparation Information

Press backing and top. Square up both back and top.  Backing needs to be 2” or greater on each side, and 6” longer at the bottom. The batting can be the same size or larger than the top.  Do not cut out scallops or curves on your quilt top or backing.

Measure from top edge to bottom edge through the middle of the quilt top.  Measure the two side borders from top to bottom edge.  This should yield the same measurement as through the center of the top.  Do the same for the width of the top.  If your borders are more than 1˝" longer than the center measurements, there may be puckers in the quilting.  This cannot be prevented.

Please do not pin or baste the top, batting, and backing together.

Identify the head of the top and the top of the back, if necessary.

Your quilt top must be free of pins, buttons, charms or other embellishments.  Please add these after the quilting is complete.

Please note: Long-arm quilting uses a free running very large sewing machine.  The stitches are all hand guided.  There is no computer!  Perfection is not an intrinsic part of the long-arm quilting process.

Please call if you have any questions:  805-687-2063