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City:   State:   Zip:


Overall Size of Quilt:  Width:   Length:
(Please mark top edge with a safety pin.)
Backing and Batting:  Width:   Length:
(Please make backing and batting 4: wider than your quilt top on ALL sides.)
Batting Type:
Quilt Pattern or Design:
Edge Treatment: (Edges of top will be basted for stability.)
          Trim Flush
          Extend batting 1/4"  
          Backing to be turned to front
Edge to Edge Pattern ($0.015 per square inch - width x length)
Custom Design ($0.015 - $0.02 per square inch depending on complexity)
Separate Border Design ($10.00 per border)
Basting (add $0.005 per square inch)
Thread: Color for top:  Color for back:  
(add $10.00 for variegated thread)
          Will be done by client
          Will be done by Santa Barbara Custom Quilting
(add 1.5 yards of binding material)

          Binding applied to front of quilt, ready for client to turn and hand stitch 
($0.10 per linear inch) (Linear inch = length plus width time 2)
          Binding applied and hand stitched ($0.20 per linear inch)

Curved Edges (add $20.00)
Hanging sleeve (add $10.00 and additional fabric)
Separate border design:
Curved Edge:
Hanging sleeve:
50% DEPOSIT:  

(Deposit may be sent with quilt or paid through PayPal - link on home page.)
(Return Shipping costs will be added to balance due.)

Gift certificates available.
Payment plan available.

Please click here for information on preparing your quilt. 

Please read the following information carefully and sign.

I have read and understand and agree with the contents of the order form.  I also understand that Santa Barbara Custom Quilting will not be held responsible for quilting problems that are due to piecing problems in the top.

I understand my quilt will be given the best of care while at Santa Barbara Custom Quilting.  I will not hold Santa Barbara Custom Quilting, or Nancy King, liable for any damage that occurs to the quilt while it is in her possession.

I understand that no refunds will be made once the quilt is completed.   If there is anything that does not meet my approval, I will bring that to the attention of Santa Barbara Custom Quilting within two weeks of receiving the quilt.  I further understand that every reasonable attempt will be made to rectify the problem.

I agree that if this quilt is entered in any show, credit will be given to Nancy King of Santa Barbara Custom Quilting for the actual quilting.  As a courtesy, I will notify Santa Barbara Custom Quilting if the quilt receives recognition or an award.